Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hi All,

It's been a few weeks since I posted here. Sorry to keep you waiting. I have made a couple of trips and been involved with some other projects. But now I back and ready to go!!

Last time, I wrote about the dangers of using a credit cards at fast-food restaurants, like McDonald's. There is a temptation to buy more than you really need or want because you are not spending cash on the spot. And I'm not even taking into account that many items on a fast-food menu are not very healthy.

That leads me to my next point. If you feel the need to "spend" money, think about a cause that is important to you. Consider giving money on a regular basis to an organization that can use the resources to help those in need. Speaking from personal experience, I get great joy when I give to a cause that's close to my heart. It does not need to be a lot of money - that's for you to decide. Amounts are relative. What are you comfortable giving? How much makes you feel good?

The bottom line is that when we give, we get back in many ways, including joyful feelings, gratitude from others, and yes, even money. If you are a cheerful giver, you will never do without.

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