Monday, February 7, 2011

My Interview With The Debt Free Divas

Last Thursday (February 4), I was the guest on an internet radio show called "The Debt Free Divas." Toni and Jill (The Debt Free Divas) and I spoke about my new book, "Master The Card: Say Goodbye to Credit Card Debt...Forever"

We focused on the time in my life when I had several thousands of dollars of credit card debt, what made me start to take inventory of my financial life, and how I climbed out of debt, little by little.

We also spoke about how great life becomes when one no longer has the albatross of credit card debt "around our necks" and weighing us down. We talked about many of the dreams that we can pursue when debt is out of the picture.

Without giving away more of the interview, I invite you to listen to the show.
The interview is archived at the Debt Free Divas website. Click on the link here -

Listen to the Debt Free Divas every Thursday at 11:30am Central and 12:30pm Eastern time.

Lastly, visit my website at for information on purchasing the book and to see all the services offered.

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